The health benefits of walnuts and raw honey

The health benefits of walnuts and raw honey

A new year and a healthy new you. We know about the health benefits of raw honey and the benefits of walnuts. Put the two together and you have a power punching healthy combo to help combat insomnia, cognitive function, lower cholesterol, boost immunity, the list goes on.  No good if you have a nut allergy and always consult a doctor in the first instance if you have concerning symptoms but by way of prevention the two complement each other in the healing property stakes and are tasty too.

According to WebMD walnuts are the wowzers of nuts with science saying they can be good for heart health. They have been used since Roman times to aid in ailments. So with the antioxidants of walnuts and the good fats, fibre and protein combined with the phytonutrient compounds, antioxidants and antibacterial properties of raw honey they make a happy marriage.

A Healing Supplement

Grind walnuts together and mix with dollops of raw honey and eat with a spoon. Use with lemon juice and or natural yoghurt and you are giving your body, in my opinion, a calming, nutritious, healing mixture of goodness.

Your Stylish Life lists what can happen to boost ailments when you mix these two ingredients together.

Tasty treats ideas

walnut and honey cake

walnut and honey baked brie

walnut and honey bread

Walnuts freshly gathered from the trees of my friend’s place in the middle of Portugal. Amazing taste and texture.

New Year!

If you are hoping for a healthier happier 2018 then join me here as I explore new amazing places for honey, ingredients and delicious tasting food. We are all ‘works in progress’ none of us perfect. All we can do is try our best, keep learning and caring what happens to each other, the planet and the world around us. Have a good ‘un!