Exploring Cape Town’s Food Culture

Exploring Cape Town’s Food Culture

Suzanne and I first met when she presented the food show on Dubai Eye 103.8 and she invited me as a guest to talk about Balqees participation in  The Farmers Market, Bay Avenue. Our love of food and talking not only solidified our friendship but it has taken us to places across the globe as we seek out stories on food, ingredients and of course honey. Have a look and listen to  A Culinary Tour Through New Zealand and  Bali Hi & Superfoods

Flying solo this time, she is in Cape Town to learn about what’s hot (there is currently the worst drought in a 100 years) when it comes to cape cuisine and also to learn about fynbos the main vegetation endemic to the Cape area and meet some of the beekeepers producing fynbos honey.

Over to you Suzanne…

Suzanne and I on a recent trip to Portugal

Thanks Riath, my first day in Cape Town and I head out along the coast and the Victoria Road. Its stunning scenery as you pass the rugged landscape and ‘Twelve Apostles’ (I counted more than twelve). I stop off at a seaside coffee truck between Llandudno beach and Camps Bay. It has a great reputation for its speciality coffee.

Some of the buttresses that make up the ‘twelve apostles’ along the Victoria Road

Cape Town Street Cafe Espresso Bar & Gelato

A flat white with a view

Eventually I come to the Waterfront an impressive wharf of ships and boats coming and going with shops, restaurants, cafes and maritime features to enjoy, as i did meandering along the walkways. Its also where you can take boat trips and you will find the  Mandella Gateway to Robben Island. Robben is the Dutch word for seal and you can see the Cape seals sunning themselves from the quayside.

You will also find the V&A Food Market!

There are a whole host of food stalls to enjoy and on Sundays live music to accompany your food choices from sushi to oysters, donuts to juices and wraps (Malay style chicken) and burgers (pan fried springbok steak).

My picks for the day:

Specialising in beef strips, sausages and Kudu!

Spices used in traditional local dishes from the townships

Small pot food from the Dutch word Potjiekos

Local honey with rare Cape wild flowers

Ah the beautiful honeycomb! Look at the colour!  

In the heart of the food market is a huge juice bar with really interesting mixes. I went for the ‘Green Dream’ with avocado, apple, hemp seed, moringa leaf, wheatgrass and something called baobab. Its a tree and the fruit is in powder form in the smoothie and is rich in vitamin C. Interesting to note the pollen used from the baobab tree when mixed with water goes to make glue.

So with a fine introduction to Cape lifestyle and cuisine i’m looking forward to heading out and exploring the regions honey and the likes of mango and cream, avocado and macadamia, bluegum and sunflower and hearing the beekeeper stories and what they can teach us about country and culture.