Food as Medicine

Food as Medicine

It seems everywhere I turn someone has a sniffle, tickle, sneeze, wheeze, someone is spluttering or coughing. I attack any symptoms with a vengeance with loads of freshly squeezed lemons for a wonderful dose of vitamin c and potassium, shave and add generous amounts of ginger to attack the bacteria and inflammation and then lashings of beautiful raw honey providing heaps of antioxidants to help soothe a sore throat, it has antibacterial properties and it gives the body energy to boost the immune system and fight those nasty cold and flu germs.

Piping hot lemon and ginger tea with beautiful raw honey

Sometimes a big jug of lemon water left overnight in the fridge with slices of lemon, squeezed citrus with chunks of ginger makes for a refreshing drink and a natural boost for the system and helps prevent those horrid symptoms getting a grip. Delicious!


Refreshing lemon water full of citrus flavour to kick start your day

If I’ve got lots on or travelling I find a swig of lemon water or just a spoonful of raw honey will give me what I need to stay healthy and keep going.

Fabulous lemon trees providing nature’s magic and reminding me what food is truly medicine