Granola – A Tasty Way to Start Your Day

Granola – A Tasty Way to Start Your Day

I’m all over granola at the moment so when my mate Suzanne Radford sent me her ‘Seeing Red’ breakfast pic from Portugal she inspired me to celebrate the seasons across the globe and share some of my recommendations for the homemade kind cutting out those nasty additives!

My Granola

I make granola using rolled, organic oats, high quality coconut oil (some prefer to use almond oil or butter, beautiful raw honey, chopped walnuts, dried banana, sunflower seeds and whole brazil nuts and a pinch of Himalayan salt (or fine sea salt), cinnamon, vanilla extract and I mix the whole lot into a sticky mess which is fun and great for softening the hands! Then I smooth it out on a lined baking tray and toast in the oven for approx. 10mins. You can use what ingredients you like to suit your fancy and then at least you control what salt and sugar is used and know its natural or raw and full of goodness. Its worth it just to smell the softly baking aroma wafting from the oven of warm oats and honey!


The Ingredients

The Honey

The Mix

The Baking Tray

Finished Clusters of Goodness

Baker & Spice, Dubai.

I absolutely LOVE their range of homemade date syrup and honey granolas with fresh fruit compote and live natural yoghurt. Crunchy, healthy and full of flavour.

Spiced Autumn Smoothie Bowl from Australia’s thebeautychef.

Aswell as lovin the blog this is a scrumptilicous recipe. It reminds me of the smoothie bowls I had in Bali, see previous post,  but whereas the climate was warm and humid in Bali this recipe is great in the colder weather. Using turmeric, nutmeg, raw honey, bee pollen and figs what a tasty and nutritious way to start the day. Check out the full recipe.


Autumn Spiced Smoothie Bowl taken from

Alchemy, Ubud, Bali

Going raw and waking up the palette with watermelon, jackfruit and spirulina



A raw breakfast of jackfruit, watermelon, granola and coconut, topped off with a spirulina smoothie from Alchemy, Ubud. Bali.