New Year and New Discoveries in 2018

New Year and New Discoveries in 2018

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of honey around the world and i’m looking forward to a new year and new discoveries in 2018. I will be trying new varieties when I visit South Africa for the first time, Australia, and then returning to New Zealand. Before then I will be showcasing Balqees honey varieties in the Food Emporium at Top Drawer Olympia, London from the 14th – 16th January. I’m so excited to be presenting Balqees to the UK for the first time so if you are heading that way come and say hi.

I’m really proud of the raft of raw honey I have collected over the years, not compromising on taste and quality. From single-origin, mono-floral honey, to potent honey fusions to combinations of raw honey here are a few we stock at Balqees.

From the most amazing Yemeni honey from the Sidr tree to Honey and Black Seed, Honey and Saffron and Honey Cinnamon & Sesame to the scrumptious White Mountainous honey from Kyrgyzstan. Honey is a gift to the body and a food culture that connects people. You learn where your food comes from and then learn about the community and country of origin. I’m looking forward to meeting the bee keepers in the Cape and trying their acacia and blue gum varieties and seeing what else I can sniff out.

Later in the year I will be heading to South America to one of the most remotest places on the planet to see for myself the  Rare Honey From Argentina On Its Way. Look out for future posts when i will share the taste profiles with you as i go along.

Lovely bees in remote Kyrgyzstan