Rare Catay Honey From Argentina

Rare Catay Honey From Argentina
“Dear friend, I hope you are well. I’m writing to tell you that 2 pallets of Catay honey are on its way to Dubai.”
What a wonderful message to wake up to one morning from Claud, my Chilean beekeeper and friend.
Catay honey is extremely rare as it is only harvested for two months of the year. Through Luis, a beekeeper in Argentina and Claud, the news reached me and that this precious product was on its way so I could share it with other raw honey lovers.
Beekeepers in a boat on a river

Rare Catay honey on its way to the UAE across the Parana river in Argentina

Catay raw honey is harvested all along the banks of along the Paraná River in Argentina. The beekeepers collect it in small boats; then the pure honey, straight from the hives, is shipped directly to Balqees in the United Arab Emirates.
The texture of the honey is very liquid, it’s crystal clear with a fresh, floral flavour. Stock is extremely limited and it sells out very quickly as you would expect of such a rare substance.
It’s incredibly important for us to work with small co-operatives and beekeepers around the world who understand, respect and care for their bees which results in the excellence of their raw honey. It’s also how we are able to bring something so rare as Catay to our valued customers. Bringing it to a wider audience helps to sustain a community who have been using the same traditional methods of beekeeping, in tandem with nature, for generations.
Have you ever tasted Catay honey?